Assam Holiday List 2022

Assam Holiday, Assamese Holiday

Assam Holiday List 2022

Here in this post, we are providing you with Assam Holiday List 2022. With this post, you can easily check the holidays and make your holiday plans easily. The State Government of Assam has announced the list of subsequent 23 days to be public holidays for the State Government Offices and all Industrial Banks including Co-operative Banks in Tamil Nadu for the year 2022. Assam Government Holidays List 2022 Publication List can be read from the Post.  the List is given at the end of this page.

The state government of Assam has released the list of the following 23 days to be public holidays for the State Government offices and all Commercial Banks including Co-operative Banks. All the govt. offices and banks will remain closed on these holidays.

 Assam Holiday list of 2022

in this list we providing you with All Information about the Assam holidays List of 2022. In this List, you get the DAte, day, and name of the Holiday. Date Public Holiday Weak Days
1 Jan-06 Parents and Parents-in-law Days Thursday
2 Jan-07 Parents and Parents-in-law Days Friday
3 Jan-14 Magh Bihu Friday
4 Jan-15 Tusu Puja Saturday
5 Jan-23  Netaji Subhas chandra Bose Jayanti Sunday
6 Jan-25 Gwther Bathou San Tuesday
7 Jan-26 Republic day Wednesday
8 Jan-31 Me-Dam-Me-Phi Monday
9 Feb-16 Bir chilaray Divas Wednesday
10 Mar-18 Dol Jatra Friday
11 Apr-01 Annual Accounts Closing Friday
12 Apr-14 Bohag Bihu Thursday
13 Apr-15 Bohag Bihu Friday
14 Apr-15 Good Friday Friday
15 Apr-16 Bohag Bihu Saturday
16 Apr-21 Sati Sadhani Divas Thursday
17 May-01 May Day Sunday
18 May-01 Tithi of Damodardeva Sunday
19 May-03 Id-ul-fitre Tuesday
20 May-16 Buddha Purnima Monday
21 May-17 Janmotsav of sri Sri Madhabdeva Tuesday
22 Jul-10 id-Uz-Juha Sunday
23 Aug-09 Muharram Tuesday
24 Aug-15 Independence Day Monday
25 Aug-19 Janmashtami Friday
26 Aug-29 Tithi of Srimanta Shankardeva Monday
27 Sep-06 Karam Puja Tuesday
28 Sep-14 Tithi of Sir Sri Madhabdeva Wednesday
29 Oct-02 Maha Saptami Sunday
30 Oct-02 Mahatma Gandhi’s Birthday Sunday
31 Oct-03 Maha Ashtami Monday
32 Oct-04 Maha Navami Tuesday
33 Oct-05 Vijaya Dashmi Wednesday
34 Oct-05 Janmotsav of Srimanta Shankardeva Wednesday
35 Oct-09 Lakshmi Puja Sunday
36 Oct-18 Kati Bihu Tuesday
37 Oct-24 Diwali Monday
38 Oct-24 Kali Puja Monday
39 Oct-27 Bharti Dwitiya Thursday
40 Oct-30 Chhat Puja Sunday
41 Nov-08 Guru Nanak Jayanti Tuesday
42 Nov-24 Lachit Divas Thursday
43 Dec-02 Asom Divas Friday
44 Dec-25 Christmas Sunday

We hope that this list will help you to find the holidays in Assam. If you are living in Assam this list will definitely help you. You can easily make your holiday plans and enjoy your weekend.



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