List of Best Bollywood Movies of 1950

Here i am going to create a list of Best Bollywood Movies of 1950. Please Vote and Comment your reviews.

Best Bollywood Movies of 1950 List

1. Har Har Mahadev

Har Har Mahadev

Indra insults the mother of Demon King Tarakasur. Infuriated Tarakasur declare war on Gods and wins the war. He can only be stopped by Lord Shiva. So, Kama, the God of Love sends Uma, to wake up Shiva from deep meditation. Uma succeeds in getting the attention of Shiva and he wakes up from his meditation to go to war against Demon Tarakasur.

Har Har Mahadev: (1950)

2. Samadhi


Shekar is very much attracted by the activities of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, and joins Indian National Army (INA). His brother Suresh becomes a general in British government, who appoints Lilly and her sister to spy on INA. Lily falls in love with shaker. But, when shaker comes to know that she is a British spy, he hands her over to INA, where she is sentenced to death.

Samadhi: (1950)

3. Sangram


The son of a very honest police officer shows all signs of becoming a criminal right from his teenage years. He always does wrong things and get protected by his father and grows up to become a dangerous criminal who gets involved in gambling and other criminal activities. But, in the end gets killed by his own father.

Sangram: (1950)

4. Nirala


Dr. Anand treats an old woman, who is living with a beautiful daughter. During the treatment a love blossoms between them. But, the greedy brother of the girl marries her off to a wealthy king. Fate reunites them once again when the new queen falls ill and the same doctor is called for her treatment.

Nirala: (1950)

5. Afsar (1950)

Afsar (1950)

Kapoor is a journalist, who come to a village full of corrupt politicians. They mistakes him for a government high official and treat him like a VIP. While trying to expose the corruption in village Kapoor falls in love with Bimala, the village Tehsildar sister.

Afsar (1950): (1950)

6. Beqasoor


Brij, an upright and strict officer is the husband of Usha, a naive and innocent girl. Usha’s brother is a bad guy, who doesn’t like Brij. So, he creates a rift between Brij and Usha by making Usha to implicate against Brij in a corruption charge and by defaming usha’s character in front of her husband.

Beqasoor: (1950)

7. Dilruba


Engineer Ratan board a train for Bombay, in which a dance troupe managed by Biharilal is also travelling. Roopa is a dancer who attract rattan’s attention. When police arrives in the train in search of a stolen necklace, in possession of Biharilal, he drops the necklace in Ratan’s dress pocket. After reaching Bombay, Biharilal ask Roopa to get the necklace from Ratan. But both fall in love. Things get interested when suddenly one day, without telling anyone Ratan leaves to Bombay with necklace, along with another dance girl from the dance troupe.

Dilruba: (1950)

8. Arzoo


Badal and Kamini are lovers. Badal leaves for town in search of a job. Due to a fire in his town house, Badal was presumed to be dead by everyone in the village. Kamini heartbroken and after a long wait for Badal, gets married to a wealthy village Thakur. When Badal returns to the village, hearing the kamini’s marriage news, without knowing the real truth, set out to seek revenge on Kamini.

Arzoo: (1950)

9. Bawre Nain

Bawre Nain

Chand is an unemployed young man who meets a girl named Tara. Both starts to like each other. One day, chand leaves the town in search of an employment. Tara waits for him for a long time and leaves the town in search of him. But, she gets the shock of her life, when she find Chand with a girl named Rajni, who claim to be his soon to be get married, girlfriend.

Bawre Nain: (1950)

10. Sargam


Pandit Gyan Shanker’s children refuse to join Seth Roopchand’s Son, kumar’s musical troupe. Seth Roopchand threatens to remove them from their house. Roopchand’s second son Vinod, fall in love with pandit’s daughter Bhairavi and give financial help to her family. But things get complicated when kumar also falls for bhairavi and wants to marry her.

Sargam: (1950)

11. Sheesh Mahal

Sheesh Mahal

Jaspal Singh lives in a palatial house called SheeSh mahal. Due to his over spending and lavish life style , Jaspal loose his house in an auction. Jaspal moves to a slum house with his son and daughter. Jaspal’s son loose his job after an accident in a factory . To feed the family, Jaspal’s daughter start working as a maid. Jaspal get furious, when he comes to know that his daughter is working in his own house as a maid.

Sheesh Mahal: (1950)

12. Dastan (1950)

Dastan (1950)

Rani’s two brothers, Raj and Kundan are in love with Indira, who is an orphan, brought up by Rani. But, Rani doesn’t want Indira to marry both of her brothers. Instead, she wants her to marry Ramesh, whom Indira doesn’t like. When Raj ask Rani about marrying Indira, she tells that Indira like Kundan. Now the question is, whom Indira will Marry at the end?

Dastan (1950): (1950)

13. Nili


Kumar is a famous Sculptor. Once wealthy people of the town insult Nili, for her poor status. Kumar doesn’t like this and take Nili to his home and start making her sculptures. She falls in love with Kumar, but Kumar treat her as only an object and introduce her to the same people who once insulted her, as princess Nilima. Due to kumar’s dis-interest in her, Nilima get heartbroken and leaves the house. In her absence, Kumar realises his mistake and bring her home back and marries.

Nili: (1950)

14. Babul


Ashok takes charge as the new post master of the village. Bela, the only daughter of post office servent falls in love with Ashok. At the same time Usha, a wealthy socialite girl tries to win the heart of Ashok. Who will marry Ashok at the end?

Babul: (1950)

15. Nishana


Radha loves mohan and get married. Kailash is a bad guy and wanted to marry radha. Mundariya is a village dancer who wanted to marry mohan. Mundariya poisoned mohan heart against Radha with the help of Kailash. Mohan abandons radha and goes to town with Mundariya. Mundariya becomes a famous dancer in the town and gives all her wealth to Mohan, but he refuses. Kailash reaches town and blackmails Mundariya to expose in front of Mohan. Mundariya breaks down and tell the truth to Mohan and reunites him with Radha.

Nishana: (1950)

16. Jogan


Vijay (Dileep Kumar) doesn’t believe in God. Meera (Nargis) is a staunch believer of God and a bhajan singer. Due to her illness, both of them come close to each other and fall in love. Will meera be able to make Vijay have faith in God and marry him?

Jogan: (1950)



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