Best Bollywood Movies of 1970 List

Here i am going to create a list of Best Bollywood Movies of 1970. Please Vote and Comment your reviews.

Best Bollywood Movies of 1970 List

1. Pehchan


Gangaram is an innocent villager who comes to Bombay to get married. Gangaram gets rejected by many people, due to his lack of English knowledge and education. Barkha is a wealthy and educated girl who likes Gangaram for his honesty and innocence and wants to marry him. But her mother and brother get enraged and refuse to approve their relationship.

Pehchan: (1970)

2. Aan Milo Sajna

Aan Milo Sajna

Savitri lives with spoiled son Anil in a palatial mansion. By fearing that he will spend all their money in bad activities, savithri refuses to give any money to him, until he becomes a good man. So, anil acts as reformed and brings a beautiful girl named deepali to look after his mother. But, soon Savithri finds out that Deepali is not what she seems to be and is the lover of a village horseman Ajit, whose father is the murderer of her Husband.

Aan Milo Sajna: (1970)

3. Kab Kyoon Aur Kahan

Kab Kyoon Aur Kahan

Asha falls in love with a dashing young man Anand, during a vacation. When Asha returns home, she finds her dad killed in an accident. But, police suspects murder. After sometime, when her uncle tries to molest her friend, Asha saves her. But, her uncle gets killed with his own gun during the struggle. Asha disposes her uncle’s dead body in a lake. But things get complicated when Anand comes to village as an investigative officer to search her uncle in connection with the murder of her father.

Kab Kyoon Aur Kahan: (1970)

4. Sachaa Jhutha

Sachaa Jhutha

Bhola is an innocent village musician, who comes to Bombay to get a job , save money for her twin sisters wedding. His look alike Ranjit is a wealthy man, who is also a jewel thief at night. Both bhola and ranjit’s paths cross at a party and Ranjit and his girlfriend uses Bhola as an alibi for their illegal activities.

Sachaa Jhutha: (1970)

5. Sawan Bhadon

Sawan Bhadon

Vikram returns india from England after 5 years. He is shocked to find out that his stepmother is squandering his family fortune in unnecessary luxuries and his step-sister has become a rock and roll modern dancer, who has fallen in love with an evil gangster. He tries to save his sister by separating her from the goon while he himself falls in love with a simple village girl.

Sawan Bhadon: (1970)

6. Gopi


Gopi is an innocent villager living with his elder brother and younger sister. When his brother goes to his landlord’s house to ask money for his sister’s marriage, he gets thrown out of the house. Gopi forcefully enters the house to take the money and get accused of stealing. Gopi runs away to town with a promise to return to village only after he saves enough money for his sister’s wedding.

Gopi: (1970)

7. Mere Humsafar

Mere Humsafar

Raju lives in a village with his father. When his father dies, landlord asks him the rent dues, or else to vacate the house. Raju decide to go to Bombay to get a job. He boards a fruit truck, bound to Bombay, and meets a runaway girl, Tarna, fall in love with her and decide to marry. Later during a train journey in Bombay, both of them gets separate and when Raju finds her after several years, Tarna becomes a film actress, under the name Meenakshi. Raju gets heartbroken when he finds out that, Tarna is already married.

Mere Humsafar: (1970)

8. Mastana


Innocent, poor and lonely Satya befriends a rich girl naintara. But, snobbish parents of Naintara, restricts her of meeting Satya. As a result Naintara gets sick. Only return of Satya can make the child well. Satya wants to meet Naintara, but police warns him to stay away from the child.

Mastana: (1970)

9. Jeevan Mrityu

Jeevan Mrityu

Ashok is a honest bank employee, who get framed by his colleagues, goes to jail, for a theft in the bank. He asks his lover Deepa to look after his mother till he returns from the jail. When he is released from the prison after several years, he comes to know that his mother is dead and Deepa is married and relocated. With a help of a friend, Ashok starts his life with a new identity, searches for Deepa and plans revenge on his previous colleagues.

Jeevan Mrityu: (1970)

10. Prem Pujari

Prem Pujari

Ramdev is an army officer, who loves a village girl named, Suman, but hates war. Once during a military operation, he gets court martialled for disobeying the orders and get expelled from the Army. After his eviction from army, Ramdev disappears. After several years, Suman participates in a beauty contest, wins and goes to Britain, where she meets Ramdev again. But, he refuses to recognize her and calls himself Peter Andrews, who lives with his wife, Mrs. Andrews.

Prem Pujari: (1970)

11. Heer Raanjha

Heer Raanjha

Deedho and Heer fall in love with each other. But, their families are in bitter animosity with each other. So, they relocate Heer to a far away town. But Deedho, searches, finds and meets Heer under a false name, Raanjha. But, Heer’s family finds out that and their love story witnesses a tragic end.

Heer Raanjha: (1970)

12. Pagla Kahin Ka

Pagla Kahin Ka

Sujit is a young man with a mental history. One day Shyam, a night club manager finds him singing in the road and gives him a chance to sing in the dance club, where Sujit falls in love with club dancer Jenny. One day during an argument, Shyam kills the club owner Max and Sujit takes the blame and feigns insanity. So, he is ordered by the court to get treated in a mental asylum, where he meets a beautiful doctor named, Shalini, which changes his life forever.

Pagla Kahin Ka: (1970)

13. Khilona


Vijaykamal is a law student and a successful poet, who falls in love with a girl, Sapna. But, Sapna commit suicide, when she is forced to marry a man called Bihari. Out of this shock, Vijay loses his mind and becomes mentally ill. So, to nurse him, the family brings in a young nurse called, Chand. But things get too much complicated when Vijay rapes her and his brother falls in love with Chand.

Khilona: (1970)

14. Tum Haseen Main Jawan

Tum Haseen Main Jawan

Sunil is a flamboyant young army officer who flirts with many girls. One day he falls in love with a beautiful girl named Anuradha. But another man, Ranjeet also loves Anuradha. So he tells Sunil, that Anuradha is already married and the mother of a baby boy. So, sunil leaves Anuradha. But, when the same child gets kidnapped and during the rescue of the child Rajesh discovers a lot of truth, which will change his life forever.

Tum Haseen Main Jawan: (1970)

15. Sharafat


Jagatram raises an orphan, Rajesh and arranges a job for him in the local college hostel. Jagatram wishes to marry his daughter to Rajesh. During his duty, Rajesh comes to know that his students always visit a prostitute named Chandni. So, he visits her to stop this. But, after sometime Jagatram comes to know that Rajesh is frequently visiting Chandini, on the pretext of teaching her how to read and write.

Sharafat: (1970)

16. Dastak


A couple moves into a new house near a red light area. The house was previously inhabited by a prostitute and a mujra dancer. So, People always come and knock at the door, hoping to see the previous prostitute. How the couple cope up with this situation is the remaining story of the movie.

Dastak: (1970)

17. Geet


Kamla is a well known dancer and singer from a wealthy family. While on a vacation in Shimla, she meets a flute playing village man named Sarju. She falls in love with him, brings him to town and makes him her co-singer. Both get very popular and kamla wants to marry Sarju.. But, things take an ugly turn, when in an accident, Kamla’s father get killed and Sarju become mute and loses his ability to speak.

Geet: (1970)

18. Safar


Neela and avinash are 2 medical students, who fall in love with each other. But, due to his poor status in life, Avinash asks Neela to marry a rich businessman, Shekhar. But, after the wedding, when Shekhar finds out that Neela is still in love with Avinash, he attempts suicide and Neela gets arrested.

Safar: (1970)

19. Johny Mera Naam

Johny Mera Naam

Mohan and shohan are sons of a police inspector, who is killed by a criminal, on the orders of a crime boss. Mohan kills the criminal and hides in the car of the crime boss. As they grow up Mohan becomes the right hand of the crime boss and Sohan becomes a CID officer, who under different guises nab the criminals. With the help of his lady love, under the false name Johny, reaches to capture the crime boss, and come face to face with his long lost brother Mohan.

Johny Mera Naam: (1970)

20. Ghar Ghar Ki Kahani

Ghar Ghar Ki Kahani

Shankarnath is the hard working head of family, who earns only 630 rupees per month. It is a very less salary and he fails to fulfil all the demands of his 3 children. So, children go on a hunger strike, inside the house . to teach them a lesson Shankernath asks his son Ravi to run the house by giving him all his salary, for a period of six months. Ravi thinks that he can save a lot of money, but soon discovers that it is not as easy as he thinks.

Ghar Ghar Ki Kahani: (1970)



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