List of Best Boxers from Egypt

Egypt is a transcontinental country spanning the northeast corner of Africa and southwest corner of Asia which official language is Arabic and National language is Egyptian Arabic. Egypt’s largest city is Cario which is also known as its capital. Many sports are played in Egypt such as basketball, handball, squash, and tennis. Egypt national basketball team holds best performance record at the Basketball World Cup. Moreover, boxing is also famous sport of Egypt. Here we are going to create a list about Best Boxers from Egypt. In the below list, a few name you can see whose known as best boxers from Egypt.

Best Boxers from Egypt List

1. Hosam Bakr Abdin

Hosam Bakr Abdin

Hosam Bakr Abdin is an professional Egyptian boxer who won a welterweight bronze at the 2007 All-Africa Games and later qualified for the 2008 Summer Olympics. He plays in 69 Kg weight category to represent his nation. He was born on 26 October 1985 at Port Said, Egypt. He won two time bronze medal during at 2015 Doha World Championships and All-Africa Games.

Hosam Bakr Abdin: Egyptian Boxer

2. Mohamed Aly

Mohamed Aly

Mohamed Aly full name is Mohamed Aly Reda who is also a professional boxer who competed in the Super Heavyweight class at the 2004 Summer Olympics. He earn many achievements in his playing carrier and he won the silver medal in Olympic games and he lost the final to Gbenga Oluokun during at the AllAfrica Games 2003. He was born on 19 February 1975 at Cairo, Egypt.

Mohamed Aly: Egyptian Boxer

3. Ramadan Yasser

Ramadan Yasser

Ramadan Yasser full name is Ramadan Yasser Abdel Ghaffar who is known as a professional boxer from Egypt. He is a great ideal for next generation who interested in boxing. In his playing carrier he earn many records such as he won four time gold medals during All-Africa Games and Mediterranean Games. He is one of the single boxer from Egypt who won three times Gold Medal in All-Africa Games. More details you can check through click at view more button.

Ramadan Yasser: Egyptian Boxer

4. Mohamed Hikal

Mohamed Hikal

Mohamed Hikal is a professional male boxer who represents his Nation, Egypt in 71 kg weight category as Middleweight division. He is also known as best boxer for having won a bronze medal in the men’s middleweight division at the 2005 World Amateur Boxing Championships. He was born on 10 January 1979 at Zefta, Egypt. Moreover, to getting more details you can check through click at view more button.

Mohamed Hikal: Egyptian Boxer

5. Ahmed Elbiali

Ahmed Elbiali

Ahmed Elbiali is an professional Egyptian boxer who played 17 total matches in which 16 fights which is a great record by a boxer of Egypt. He was born on 1 October 1990 at Cairo, Egypt. He is also know as The Egyptian which is his nickname. He plays as Light Heavyweight to represent his Nation. More details you can see through click at view more button.

Ahmed Elbiali: Egyptian-American Boxer

6. Mahmoud Abdelaal

Mahmoud Abdelaal

Mahmoud Abdelaal: Egyptian Boxer

7. Mohamed Elsayed

Mohamed Elsayed

Mohamed Elsayed: Egyptian Boxer

8. Hany Atiyo

Hany Atiyo

Hany Atiyo:

9. Khalil Amira El-Maghrabi

Khalil Amira El-Maghrabi

Khalil Amira El-Maghrabi:



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