List of Best Gymnast from Argentina

Argentina is a sports country which capital is Buenos Aires which is also known as largest city. Mostly people are speaks Spanish language in Argentina. Many types of sports are played in Argentina such as football, basketball, field hockey and rugby union. Moreover, people are also interested to play boxing, golf, tennis and rowing while Pato is the national sport of Argentina. However, this sport is nit very popular.Here we are going to talk about Best Gymnast from Argentina. You can check here best players of gymnastics as shown below.

Best Gymnast from Argentina List

1. Melina Sirolli

Melina Sirolli

Melina Sirolli full name is Melina Debora Sirolli who represents her Nation Argentina. She was born on April 23, 1984 and plays as Women’s artistic gymnastics at Senior International Elite. She was join Argentina National team on 2000. More details you can get through hit on view more button.

Melina Sirolli: Argentine Gymnast

2. Celeste Andrea Carnevale

Celeste Andrea Carnevale

Celeste Andrea Carnevale is a professional Argentine female artistic gymnast. She representing her nation at international competitions. She was join national team in 2004. She has earn many record in his playing carrier as you can see through hit on view more button.

Celeste Andrea Carnevale: Argentine Gymnast

3. Ailen Valente

Ailen Valente

Ailen Valente is one of the best an Argentine artistic gymnast who competed at the 2016 Summer Olympics who represented his Nation Argentina. She earn many record in her playing carrier. She won three times Gold, four time silver and two times bronze in South American Championship. Moreover, she also won two time bronze medal in Pan American Championship. She was join national team in 2014, more details you can see through click at view more button.

Ailen Valente: Argentine Gymnast

4. Federico Molinari

Federico Molinari

Federico Molinari is a most successful Argentine male artistic gymnast and also a part of the national team. He also participated at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, United Kingdom. He was born on January 11, 1984 and represented his Nation Argentina. Moreover, he has earn many record and achievements in his carrier such as, he won three times Gold Medal in Pan American Championships and 6 times gold medal in South American Championships. More info. you can get through click view more button.

Federico Molinari: Argentine Gymnast

5. Valeria Pereyra

Valeria Pereyra

Valeria Pereyra: Argentine Gymnast

6. Romina Plataroti

Romina Plataroti

Romina Plataroti: Argentine Gymnast



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