Best Job Oriented Courses in India List

Here i am going to create a list of Best Job Oriented Courses in India 2020. Please Vote and Comment your reviews.

Best Job Oriented Courses in India List

1. M.Sc in Counseling and Family Therapy

M.Sc in Counseling and Family Therapy

The Master of Science in Counseling degree is intended to get ready people to work for the improvement of everyone around them, with fixations in school counseling and clinical psychological well-being counseling along with family therapy.

M.Sc in Counseling and Family Therapy:

2. B.Sc in Hardware Networking and Digital Communication

B.Sc in Hardware Networking and Digital Communication

This course is for up-and-comers with higher secondary qualification and it is offered by the Karnataka State Open University. The charge for the program is Rs.89700.It is appropriate for up-and-comers searching for universal vocation in Hardware and Networking. It is an industry-orientedaccreditation program.

B.Sc in Hardware Networking and Digital Communication:

3. Bachelor of Co-operative Management

Bachelor of Co-operative Management

This 3-year program is offered by YCMOU University. Applicants with class 12 capability should pay Rs.6000 towards charge. The goal of the course is to plan contender for vocations in the management of co-operative societies in the nation.

Bachelor of Co-operative Management:

4. Diploma in Teaching English

Diploma in Teaching English

Diploma in English Course centers around showing students the essential things of English language and its writing. This course encourages the students to construct their scholarly and inquire about abilities, just as build up their scholastic, social, and semantic information.

Diploma in Teaching English:

5. Storage Certified Professional Course

Storage Certified Professional Course

This short course, which will reach out for 3 days, is offered by the Institute of Storage, Integration and Future Technologies. The course charge is Rs.25000 and it is for computer literates with at any rate a half year of involvement with data innovation or storage networking operations.

Storage Certified Professional Course:

6. Real Estate Principles and Practices

Real Estate Principles and Practices

The Indian Institute of Real Estate offers this course for graduates and experts by and by working in the real estate and different fields. This course, which will reach out for a quarter of a year time span will cost Rs.12500. It is offered both in online form and correspondence adaptation.

Real Estate Principles and Practices:

7. Radio Jockeying and TV News Reading

Radio Jockeying and  TV News Reading

For all students pursuing different courses in Delhi University, this Radio Jockeying & TV News Reading course is offered by this university in association with R.K. Films & Media Academy.This can be the best course for candidates, who wish to join the media industry, which is expected to experience great growth in the near future.

Radio Jockeying and TV News Reading:

8. IATA Foundation Course

IATA Foundation Course

The IATA/UFTAA International Travel Agents Training program was propelled in 1972 to satisfy the developing need for very much prepared staff in the Travel Industry and is presently accessible practically everywhere throughout the world. The IATA/UFTAA Diploma, has become a trademark in the travel business and ensures great measures in training, increasing overall acknowledgment and acknowledgment as a top quality product.

IATA Foundation Course:

9. Advanced Certificate in Power Distribution Management

Advanced Certificate in Power Distribution Management

The Advanced Certificate in Power Distribution Management (ACPDM) programme has been developed by the School of Engineering and Technology, Indira Gandhi National Open University in collaboration with the Ministry of Power for professionals employed in electrical power utilities or electricity sector to upgrade their skills, enhance systemic efficiency and demonstrate commercially viable electricity distribution system that deliver quality power to the satisfaction of the beneficiaries.

Advanced Certificate in Power Distribution Management:

10. Diploma in Food and Beverage Services Management

Diploma in Food and Beverage Services Management

Responsible for overall operation for the restaurant, food and beverage managers hire staff, purchase food and stock, and make sure everyone is trained on proper food preparation, proper and legal alcoholic beverage service kitchen safety techniques and understand health standards

Diploma in Food and Beverage Services Management:

11. Retail Management Programme

Retail Management Programme

Retail management is a sub-order of the general field of the management that manages supervising the circulation and selling of items straightforwardly to purchasers, in explicit distributing focuses, for example, shops, chain stores, markets and shopping centers.

Retail Management Programme:

12. Post Graduate Diploma in Chemo-Informatics

Post Graduate Diploma in Chemo-Informatics

Cheminformatics, likewise called as chemo informatics or chemical informatics is a generally new field. Much the same as bioinformatics that is an amalgamation of science and data innovation, we presently have cheminformatics. PCs and the most recent instruments in data innovation are applied to discover arrangements in the field of science. One gets the chance to work upon issues in science through the mode of data science.

Post Graduate Diploma in Chemo-Informatics:

13. PG Diploma in Instructional Design

PG Diploma in Instructional Design

Instructional design is the way toward changing over data into rich learning content, utilizing built up learning speculations. It is a methodical procedure that includes breaking down student profiles and preparing needs, sorting out data as indicated by built up measures and making learning plans and substance to accomplish explicit objectives. Customary preparing procedure centers around a transcendently single direction move of data. theories of instructional design,, be that as it may, center around a result oriented learning approach in which the clients can accomplish explicit objectives in a given situation. It is basically used to create computer based and online content.

PG Diploma in Instructional Design:

14. Bachelor of Tourism Studies

Bachelor of Tourism Studies

Bachelor of Tourism Studies is an undergrad Travel and Tourism program. Course chiefly covers the investigation of themes, for example, visitor resort arranging, food service management, ecology, environment and tourism, inter-cultural communication, etc.

Bachelor of Tourism Studies:

15. Diploma in Education Technology

Diploma in Education Technology

One Year Post Graduate Diploma in Educational Technology and Management (PGD-ETM) is a two-semester course together offered by ICAR-NAARM and UoH, Hyderabad on a distance education mode. … The point of the course is to create fit and capable instructors/potential educators of Universities and scholarly institutions.

Diploma in Education Technology:

16. Certification in Finance and Accounts

Certification in Finance and Accounts

Certificate Course in Finance Accounting and Taxation is a confirmation program in Accounting and Taxation. The course term ranges from 1 month to a half year, which can fluctuate for various establishments. The qualification for the course is passing the four year certification in either stream of B.Com./BBI/BAF or proportional assessment with a base total of 50% or more from a recognized university.

Certification in Finance and Accounts:

17. Diploma in Archives Keeping

Diploma in Archives Keeping

Objective of this course is To train the candidates in various disciplines of Archival Studies viz. Records Management, Conservation, Reprography and Information Sciences and to produce highly competent professionals in the field of Archives.

Diploma in Archives Keeping:

18. Yuvodaya


This program implied for graduates and insurance agents is offered by Delhi University and Met Life Insurance as a 3-month course.It is offered at the Acharya Narendra Dev College, which is partnered to Delhi University to improve the employability abilities of interested applicants


19. Diploma in Paithani Handicraft

Diploma in Paithani Handicraft

The course incorporates Silk work and Paithani Handicraft Theory, Modern Garment Design, Paithani Weaving help and Paithani Handicraft. Paithani is described by fringes of an angled square design and a pallu with a peacock structure. Plain just as spotted designs are accessible. Among different assortments, single shaded and kaleidoscope-hued designs are additionally well known.

Diploma in Paithani Handicraft:

20. PG Diploma in Preventive

PG Diploma in Preventive

The course comprehensively covers Health and disease management, Cardiac Care, Cancer Risk Factors Management, Health, Psychology and Stress Management, Nutrition and Dietetics, Exercise Health and Lifestyle Assessment. Anyone who is an alumni in Medicine/Psychology/Bio-Sciences/Alternative Medicine/Nutrition or Physiotherapy is qualified to apply.

PG Diploma in Preventive:



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