Best Museums in Harare List

A museum is an institution which have a collection of artifacts and other objects of artistic, historical, cultural, or scientific importance. In Harare museums various historical, scientific and old items are available for study, education and for entertainment of public. There are many types of museums like children’s museum, art museum, war museums, science museums and history museums. The researchers and specialists have search different and historical objects to increase public knowledge. Here are the list of best museums in Harare that you should visit one time.

Best Museums in Harare List

1. The Shona Sculpture Gallery

The Shona Sculpture Gallery

The Shona Sculpture Gallery is oldest and largest museum of Harare and located at 20, Airport Rd, Harare, Zimbabwe and contact number is +263 77 963 5444. In this museum the sculptures have made with stone only and the art gallery of this museum is very beautiful and attractive. People can also check more information about this museum through “View More” button given below the article.

The Shona Sculpture Gallery:

2. National Gallery of Zimbabwe

National Gallery of Zimbabwe

The National Gallery of Zimbabwe is largest sculpture museum of Harare which is opened on 16th July 1957. It is dedicated to the presentation and conservation of Zimbabwe’s contemporary art and visual heritage. This museum only open on Tuesday at 8:00 AM and located at Park Ln, Harare, Zimbabwe. For any queries you can also call at the number +263 4 704 666.

National Gallery of Zimbabwe:

3. Chapungu Sculpture Park

Chapungu Sculpture Park

The Chapungu Sculpture Park has opened with an aim to promote stone sculpture of Zimbabwe through organising world wide workshops, exhibitions, sales, documentation and preservation. It is located at 7400 SW 104th Street Miami, FL, 33156 and contact number is +1 970-962-0011. Chapungu Sculpture Park has played has an important role for development of African art. You can also check more detail about this museum by click on “View More” button.

Chapungu Sculpture Park:

4. Zimbabwe Museum of Human Sciences

Zimbabwe Museum of Human Sciences

Zimbabwe Museum of Human Sciences is the oldest museum of Harare which opened in 1970. This museum contains seven hundred years old Lemba artifact ngoma lungundu and also organise exhibitions, documentations, workshops and preservation at various places for promotion of African art. It is located at Civic Centre, Rotten Row, CY 33, Causeway Harare, Zimbabwe and contact number is +263 4 751 797.

Zimbabwe Museum of Human Sciences:

5. First Floor Gallery Harare

First Floor Gallery Harare

The First Floor Gallery Harare is a oldest and largest museum which have collection of historical arts for public viewing. This is a very popular art museum of Harare and a large number of people have visit here to see old arts. First Floor Gallery Harare also organise various events, sales, exhibitions, documentation and preservation for promotion of African arts.

First Floor Gallery Harare:



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