List of Best Places in Chile to Live with Peace & Joy

Chile is known as the largest city of America which capital is Santiagoa. Chile also known for its tourist attraction like Atacama Desert, Easter Island, Patagonia, Santiago, etc. There are many places are available in Chile which are known as best place to live. People who want to know about some best places in Chile, they need to stuck on this article.

In the further article, a list has given about such as places which are best known for here peaceful environment.

Best Places in Chile to Live with Peace & Joy List

1. La Serena

La Serena

La Serena is one of Chile’s most popular seaboard shores. Every year thousands of tourists visit here and enjoy the atmosphere here. Its extraordinarily clear sky is the world’s largest concentration of observatories in northern Chile, many of which are located in Serena or very close. The Observatoire Turistico Colora of La Serena was built in the mind of tourists, and you can go to the facility and use your 16-inch telescope for sterising.

La Serena:

2. Pucon


Pucon is a small town in the south of Chile, which is located in the approximately 500 miles of the capital of Santiago. The town is situated on the banks of the beautiful Lake Villarrica, which also has Dhaka from the lake. This place also known for many types of things like birds-watching and hiking, horseback riding, canopy tours (forest, ecological trek, often through ziplines) and white water rafting.


3. Santiago


Santiago is also a good place to live which is located in the central canyon. Santiago is also a mixture of new and old like other cities. According to the information found, most of the houses here remain at the height due to the city being in the earthquake area. Apart from this it is best destination along for tourist which popularly known for its museums and galleries, a growing art scene, nightlife and outdoor cafes.


4. Valparaiso


Valparaiso is commonly known as a major city, seaport and educational center in Chile. According to source, it is also known as 2nd largest metropolitan area in the country. Valparaiso. This city was founded in 1536 which is spread in 401.6 Km2 area which total elevation is 10 M.


5. Vina del Mar Chile

Vina del Mar Chile

Vina del Mar chile also known as Garden City and Pearl of the Pacific which founded on 31 May 1878 and spread into 121.6 km2 area. According to find information, its total population was counted 324,836 in 2012. Vina del Mar Chile is also known as a best city to live. There are many places available here which provides peaceful atmosphere.

Vina del Mar Chile:

6. The Bottom

The Bottom

The Bottom is a City in the Dutch Caribbean which is nice destination to live. There most beautiful adventure here which provides you piece and Joy. Earlier, this city was known as Botte which is its capital and largest city. This is a small city which total population is only 462 as listed on Wikipedia. But this small city best know for its peaceful residential area.

The Bottom:

7. Putre


Putre is a beautiful town in Chile which located in Parinacota province. If you want to know about some things about Putre then keep reading this article. Putre was founded in 1580 which is spread in 5902.5 KM2 town area and 2279 Sq. Mi Commune area. Its total elevation is 3371 M and total population were counted 1366 in 2012.


8. San Pedro de Atacama

San Pedro de Atacama

San Pedro de Atacama is another one town in chile which sometimes also refereed as Commune. It was approximately founded in 1450 which is spread into 23,438.8 km2 and its total elevation is 2,407 M . According to 2012 census of there government, its population is 3899 in which 1938 people lives in Urban area while 3031 people living in Rural Area.

San Pedro de Atacama:

9. Arica


Arica is a commune and port city in Chile which is also known as a best place to which total population is 196, 590. This place is located at the bend of South America’s western coast known as the Arica Bend or Arica Elbow. This city also known as “City of the eternal spring” where many types of destination available which are a great attraction for tourist.


10. Puerto Natales

Puerto Natales

Puerto Natales is a city in Ultima Esperanza, Chile which was founded in 1911. This city spread in 48974 Km2 which total elevation is 3 meter. There are many destinations available in Puerto which makes it best place to live with peace and Joy. It is a good residential area which total population is was counted 18505 in 2012.

Puerto Natales:



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