bts Songs List

bts Songs List

Here in this article, We present the list of bts Songs List. BTS released their opening single on June 12, 2013, and have been releasing songs and albums non-stop still since then. It’s especially exciting when you look at how concerned all of the BTS members are in the progression of creating music, from collection to writing lyrics and even producing some tracks as glowing. In the days since BTS’ first album, they’ve racked up a remarkable discography that includes both Korean and Japanese albums. All of BTS’ songs and albums have special meanings and stories following them.

The main members of Bangtan Boys that have worked as producers and songwriters contain RM (Kim Namjoon), Suga (Min Yoongi), and J-Hope (Jung Hoseok), despite the fact that other members have worked on songs as well. They’ve also worked as producers for further artists.

Through all BTS’ albums, you can trail the members’ lives as they grow up and had to become skilled at transactions with their ever-evolving fame. You can also listen to their life mutually, channeling all of the challenge life throw their way into their music. From discussing topics on rising up, the pressure they’ve faced, rational health struggle, adore and loss, dealing with others difficult to tear them down, and learning to love themselves in spite of it all, the members have actually taken place to open books through their music.

bts Songs List Overview

We create a list of bts Songs. In this List, you can check bts top 50 songs. So you can find your favorite song here on the list.

Sr.No Song Names
1 Spring Day
2 Intro: Singularity
3 Blood Sweat & Tears
4 Stigma
6 Scenery
7 Fake Love
8 Save Me
9 A Brand New Day
10 Winter Bear
11 4 O’Clock
12 Mic Drop
13 Fire
14 I Need U
15 Run
16 Dope
17 Not Today
18 Anpanman
19 Hold Me Tight
20 GoGo
21 Idol
22 Boy in Luv
23 Butterfly
24 Airplane Pt.2
25 Mic Drop
26 Pied Piper
27 War of Hormone
28 Dimple
29 Best of Me
30 House of Cards
31 I’m Fine
32 Boy With Luv
33 Danger
34 No More Dream
35 Crystal Snow
36 Epilogue: Young Forever
37 Magic Shop
38 Let Me Know
39 The Truth Untold
40 Awake
41 Don’t Leave Me
42 Lights
43 Just One Day
44 Euphoria
45 We Are Bulletproof Pt.2
46 Boy Meets Evil
47 Wings
48 Epiphany
49 Serendipity
50 Attack on Bangtan

We have provided bts Songs List. You can listen to the top 50 songs of bts and get fresh your mind. We hope you will like all the song that is on the list. We collect all our data from the best resources on the internet.




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