List of Fastest Growing Cities in the World 2018 – Oxford Economics

Fastest Growing Cities in the World 2018 – Oxford Economics List

1. Vijayawada


Vijayawada is listed in fastest growing cities in the world located at the bank of River Krishna in Krishna district, Andhra Pradesh, India. Vijayawada is spread over the area of 61.88 square kilometer (23.89 sq mi). The average annual growth of the city is 8.16%. It was recognised as a “Global City of the Future” by McKinsey Quarterly, which expected an increase to GDP of $17 billion by 2025. Vijayawada was ISO 37120 Platinum Level certified in October 2018 and has been added to the “Global Cities Registry”. Th total road length of the city is 1,264.24 kilometer which covers 1,230.00 kilometer of municipal roads, 22.74 kilometer of R&B (Roads & Buildings) department roads, 11.50 kilometer of National Highways. In 2010, the GDP of Vijayawada was $3 billion and which is now estimated to touch $17 billion by 2025.


2. Chennai


Chennai is a capital of Tamil Nadu located on the Coromandel Coast off the Bay of Bengal. Chennai is also known by its former name Madras. The metropolitan area of Chennai is one of the largest municipal economies of India. Chennai is nicknamed “The Detroit of India”, with more than one-third of India’s automobile industry being based in the city. The Quality of Living Survey rated Chennai as the safest city in India and it attracts about 45 percent of health tourists visiting India, and 30 to 40 percent of domestic health tourists. As per the recent estimates entire Chennai Metropolitan Area range from $78.6 to $86 billion (PPP GDP), ranking it from fourth- to sixth-most productive metro area of India. Chennai has a broad industrial base in the automobile, computer, technology, hardware manufacturing and healthcare sectors. According to the Confederation of Indian Industry, Chennai is estimated to grow to a US$100–billion economy, 2.5 times its present size, by the year 2025.


3. Agra


Agra is a city from Uttar Pradesh located on the bank of Yamuna River. The City occupies the area of 87 square kilometer. It is a home of world famous historic monument Talmahal. It is monumental Mughal legacy and the city has a booming tourism industry as well as royal crafts like Pietra Dura, marble inlay and carpets. However, the 40% of the population of the city depends largely on agriculture and other depends on the leather and footwear business and iron foundries. The maximum contribution in the city economy is done by Tourism. Agra is home to Asia’s largest spa called Kaya Kalp – The Royal Spa, at the Hotel Mughal in Agra The city has many industry. Harihar Biotech, 7,000 small scale industrial units are located in the city. The city is famous and known for leather goods, the oldest and famous leather firm Taj Leather World is in Sadar bazar where you can also find carpets, handicrafts, zari and zardozi (embroidery work), marble and stone carving and inlay work. Oxford Economics has released the names of city which are growing very fast among the world’s other cities. The City name is ranked in the world’s Fastest-Growing City at the second.


4. Bangalore


Bangalore, the city is also known as Bengaluru. It is a capital of Karnataka and its population making it a megacity and third most populous city and fifth most populous urban agglomeration in India. Bangalore is located in southern India on the Deccan Plateau and occupies the area of 709 square kilometer. The city sometimes referred as the Silicon Valley of India, It capital of India because the nation’s leading IT companies and located in city and proving huge employment. It is a home to many educational and research institutions Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Indian Institute of Management (Bangalore) (IIMB), International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore (IIITB), National Institute of Fashion Technology, Bangalore, National Institute of Design, Bangalore (NID R&D Campus), National Law School of India University (NLSIU) etc. The city is also a house of Kannada film industry. The city is ranked in the fastest growing cities in the world and the average annual growth of the city is 8.5 percent.


5. Hyderabad


Hyderabad is a capital city of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. It covers the area of 650 square kilometer along the banks of Musi River. The city also known with the name “City of Pearls” as it plays a big role in pearl trading. Until the 18th century, the city was the only global trading centre for Diamonds known as Golconda Diamonds. The companies like Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL), Nuclear Fuel Complex (NFC), National Mineral Development Corporation (NMDC), Bharat Electronics (BEL), Electronics Corporation of India Limited (ECIL), Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO), Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB), Centre for DNA Fingerprinting and Diagnostics (CDFD), State Bank of Hyderabad (SBH) and Andhra Bank (AB)[125] were established in the city. Other sectors like information technology (IT), IT-enabled services (ITES), insurance and financial institutions has expanded the service sector in the city. The city is ranked in 2018’s world fastest growing cities and as per the details the annual growth rate of city is 8.47 percent.


6. Nagpur


Nagpur, is a third largest city of Maharashtra. Nagpur is the city which is famous across India for Orange. The city is also known as Orange City for being major trade center of orange cultivated in the region. As per the details, the city was ranked the fastest-growing city in India in terms of number of households with an annual income of 1 crore or more. The city has industrial hubs, education hubs and markets. The Butibori industrial area is one of the largest in Asia in terms of area. The estate’s largest unit is Indo Rama Synthetics, which manufactures synthetic polyester yarn. The area includes power trasmission company Gammon India Limited (T & D). Gammon India Ltd. (Infra), KEC, ACE Refractories, Hyundai Unitech, ACC Nihon Casting Ltd and Electrolux. CEAT Types has also announced its plans to invest Rs. 400 crore in a state-of-art- tyre plant in Butibori, Nagpur. The city in listed in World’s fastest-growing cities and ranked at 5th place. As per the information, the city is growing with the average annual growth rate of 8.41 percent.


7. Tiruppur


Tiruppur is located on the bank of Noyyal River in Tamil Nadu. The city is a major textile and knit wear hub contributing to 90% of total cotton knit wear exports from India. The textile industry provides employment to 90 percent of total cotton knit wear exports from India. The city provides employment to around 400,0000 workers with the average salary per person, 9000 per month. Nethaji Apparel Park, Tirupur Export Knitwear Industrial Complex, SIDCO Industrial Estate and J.S. Apparel Park are the major textile exporting companies in the city. Besides, the government has developed a Special Industrial Park to support the textile industry. Nethaj Apparel Park has around 53 companies which are manufacturing knitwear for exports and a production of about Rs. 15 billion is produced in it. The city also has some largest retailers including, C&A, Primark, Adidas, Switcher, Polo Ralph Lauren, Diesel, Tommy Hilfiger, M&S, FILA, H&M, Reebok, Nike, Walmart, and other clothing. The average Annual growth rate of the city is 8.36 percent.


8. Rajkot


Rajkot is city in Gujarat state and it fourth largest city of Gujarat. the city ranked at the eighteenth number in the list of India’s cleanest city. The city was awarded with Best LAW and Order city in 2013. Rajkot is famous for the production of jewellery, silk embroidery and watch parts. Apart from this, industrial products like bearings, diesel engines, kitchen knives and other cutting appliances, watch parts (cases and bracelets), automotive parts, forging industry, casting industry, machine tools, share market and software development are produces in the city. The city also fulfills the casting requirement of local diesel engine industry. The government of the state is developing the Special Economical Zones for the industries such as software and automobiles. As per recent market reviews, Rajkot is becoming Asia’s biggest automobile zone. The city is ranked in the list of world’s fastest growing cities. As per the information, the average annual growth of the city is 8.33 percent.


9. Tiruchirappalli


Tiruchirappalli is city located in Tamil Nadu and also known as Trichy. The city is spread over the area of 167.23 square kilometres. Trichy is hug of education centres in the state of Tamil Nadu. The city occupies Indian Institute of Management (IIMT), Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIIT) and National Institute of Technology (NITT). It is an “Energy Equipment and Fabrication Capital of India” because the there are large number of energy equipment manufacturing units. During British rule, the city was known for its tanneries, cigar-manufacturing units and oil presses. The city has number of retail and wholesale markets. It is also a major engineering equipment manufacturing and fabrication hub in India. The city ranked in the list of top fastest growing cities in the world in which the average growth rate of city is 8.29 percent.




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