Highest Rating Korean Drama Series of All Time List

Highest Rating Korean Drama Series of All Time List

1. Mysterious Nurse

Mysterious Nurse is a romantic fantasy K-drama which was aired from 21st December 2018. This K-drama was aired on SBS (Seoul Broadcasting System) which is a national South Korean TV and radio network company. The story-line of Mysterious Nurse drama centers around a female charterer which look very nice and keep viewers tied till the end. This is one of the best Hindi dubbed K-drama based on a medical story-line. The drama has a wonderful starring along with Lee Sung Jong, Jang Hee Ryung, Kim Won Sik, Kim Seo Jung, Hwang Jung In and Park So Young.

Mysterious Nurse: South Korean TV Series

2. Where Stars Land

Where Stars Land is a South Korean romantic drama which was aired during the 1 October 2018 to 26 November 2018. There were total 32 episodes aired that time. It is one of the best K-drams based of the melodrama genre. It is directed by a very successful South Korean director Shin Woo-chul and written by Kang Eun-kyung. Apart from in Korean, English and Filipino, you can also watch Where Stars Land drama in Hindi dubbed also. Lee Je-hoon, Chae Soo-bin, Lee Dong-gun and Kim Ji-soo.

Where Stars Land: South Korean TV Series

3. My Contracted Husband Mr.Oh

My Contracted Husband Mr.Oh is one of the best romantic K-dramas which was aired from 3rd March 2018 on MBC TV which is a South Korean free-to-air channel. This South Korean melodrama has a popular star cast including Uee, Jung Sang-hoon, Han Sun-hwa and Kim Kang-woo. South Korean director Baek Ho-min has directed this series. My Contracted Husband Mr.Oh is also watchable in Hindi dubbed other then the Korean language. It is also know as My Husband Oh Jak-doo.

My Contracted Husband Mr.Oh: South Korean TV Series

4. That Man Oh Soo (Evergreen)

That Man Oh Soo is a South Korean romantic comedy television series which is also known as “Evergreen”. This lovely South Korean drama was aired between the duration of 5th March 2018 to 24th April 2018. It is directed by Nam Gi-hoon and written by Jung Yoo-sun. There are total 16 episodes in this romantic K-drama. There are several significant South Korean actors and actresses in this drama like Lee Jong-hyun and Kim So-eun. You can enjoy this amazing series in Hindi dubbed also.

That Man Oh Soo (Evergreen): South Korean TV Series

5. Something About 1 Percent

1% of Something is a South Korean television series which was released in 2016. It is also know as Something About 1 Percent and One Percent of Anything Korean drama. 1% of Something is a romantic comedy drama which has a beautiful story-line and worth to watch screenplay. The famous south Korean actor Ha Seok-jin is in the lead role of this Korean series and Jeon So-min who is also one of the most popular south Korean actress is playing the opposite role with the Jeon So-min. This mind blowing south Korean TV series is also available in Hindi dubbed version for those who want to watch it in Hindi language.

Something About 1 Percent: South Korean TV Series

6. My Secret Terrius

My Secret Terrius is a South Korean television series which was aired on Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) between the time duration of 27th September to 15th November 2018.  It’s a South Korean mystery drama series which is based on the story of a lady who’s husband get lost due to a complicated conspiracy. This television series also known as “Terius Behind Me”. There several famous South Korean actors and actress are in this fabulous television series including Im Se-mi, Son Ho-jun, Jung In-sun and So Ji-Sub in the lead roles.

My Secret Terrius: South Korean TV Series

7. Witch at Court

Witch at Court is one of the best south Korean television series which aired between the time duration of 9th October to 28th November 2017 on KBS2 which is a South Korean free-to-air channel. This south Korean Legal drama series got a huge response from the world wide audience, therefor this splendid south Korean courtroom drama series is also available in Hindi dubbed and English subtitles. The lead characters of this series are played by famous South Korean stars Yoon Hyun-min and Jung Ryeo-won.

Witch at Court: South Korean TV Series

8. Descendants of the Sun

Descendants of the Sun is one of the most watched South Korean drama which was aired between the time duration of 24 February to 14th April 2016. This series got a block buster response in the Korea and remarked as one of the highest grossing South Korean drama series which captured the peak audience share of 38.8%. You can watch Descendants of the Sun in Hindi dubbed and many other languages because it is dubbed in several languages due to the mind blowing response from the audience. Korea Broadcasting Advertising Corporation has featured this series as the Most Popular Show of the Year.

Descendants of the Sun: South Korean TV Series

9. 28 Moons

28 Moons is one of the highly recommended South Korean television drama which is also known as 29 faces of the Moon. It is one of the best South Korean romantic series that was released in 2016. Jin-Sung Yang and Kyu-jong Kim are playing the main lead characters in this drama and they give a remarkable performance. Apart from these megastars of South Indian cinema industry there are two other super stars also in this series like Kang Tae Hwan and Geumni who are playing supporting roles which enhance the dose of entertainment in this amazing Korean series.

28 Moons: South Korean TV Series



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