Historical Places in Birmingham List

Birmingham locally is a city of England which is situated on the small River Rea. It is also known as largest and most populous British City outside London. As per find information, Birmingham is listed on 151st area rank and spread 103.4 sq mi city area and 231.2 sq mi urban area. As per charters, Birmingham was founded in 1166 and established in 1189 as market town and Seigneurial borough.

Birmingham city is also famous for historical places. Here, you can see multiple oldest buildings and places which are situated here from a long time. Here, we are going to talk about oldest heritages. In the further article you can check  List of Historical Places in Birmingham.

Historical Places in Birmingham List

1. The Donkey Sanctuary

The Donkey Sanctuary

The Donkey Sanctuary is a British charitable organisation devoted to the welfare of donkeys. It was founded in 1969 by Elisabeth Svendsen. It is also known as charitable organisation which focuses for animal welfare. It is also listed in historical places of Birmingham operated by Robert Crawford, Professor Jim Duncan, Stuart W. J. Reid, John Sewell-Rutter, Bill Tetlow, Cathy Thompson, Rosalind de Wesselow. It is assisted interaction to local school children with additional needs.

The Donkey Sanctuary:

2. Soho House, Museum

Soho House, Museum

Soho House is a oldest Museum of England which was the elegant home of the industrialist and entrepreneur Matthew Boulton from 1766 to 1809. It is situated at Soho Ave, Birmingham B18 5LB, UK and incorporated in 1995. Soho House is also a best meeting place of the Lunar Society and a leading Enlightenment group as listed its official website. It remains open only Wednesday and Thursday till 11:00 AM and 4:00 PM.

Soho House, Museum:

3. Winterbourne House and Garden

Winterbourne House and Garden

Winterbourne House and Garden is one of the oldest heritage of England located at Birmingham B15 2RT, UK. People has given 5 star rating for this Historical place. It was built in 1903 for John and Margaret Nettlefold, of Guest, Keen & Nettlefold. Basically, the house designed as a small country estate with rustic outbuildings and large gardens. As well as also famed for beautiful gardens, historic arts, great cafe and crafts style.

Winterbourne House and Garden:

4. Castle Bromwich Hall Gardens

Castle Bromwich Hall Gardens

Castle Bromwich Hall Gardens are oldest historical places which are specialized for its peaceful environment. It is situated Castle Bromwich Chester Road, Birmingham Area, Birmingham B36, United Kingdom. It remains open 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM and closed Sunday, Saturday. Castle Bromwich Hall Gardens also known as best romantic place in Birmingham and received 4.3 Star from people.

Castle Bromwich Hall Gardens:

5. Birmingham Back to Backs

Birmingham Back to Backs

Birmingham Back to Backs also known as court 15 which is the last surviving court of the City, Birmingham. It is an oldest historical place which was founded in 1840 by the National Trust. It is located at 50-54 Inge Street and 55–63 Hurst Street, Birmingham. It remains open 1:00 AM to 3:00 PM and Sunday it remains closed. For more details you can make a call at +44 121 666 7671 phone number.

Birmingham Back to Backs:

6. Aston Hall

Aston Hall

Aston Hall is a historical place which is located at Trinity Rd, Birmingham B6 6JD. As per people reviews, it is a Great place to have a walk into the past. Its construction work started in 1618 and publicly opened in April 1635. It remains open 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM while Saunday it open until 4:00 PM. More details and any query you can call at +44 121 348 8100.

Aston Hall:

7. Blakesley Hall

Blakesley Hall

Blakesley Hall is oldest heritage of England located at Blakesley Rd, Birmingham B25 8RN, UK. Birmingham is the one of the largest historical building. In the beginning it was famed as Blakesley Hall, thereafter hall became a museum in 1935. Once there was hall damaged by a bomb in November 1941 after that it was again open in 1957. This hall is designed with Tudor Architectural Style.

Blakesley Hall:



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