Indian Childhood Games List

Indian Childhood Games List

1. Hide N Seek – Indian Traditional Outdoor Game

Hide N Seek - Indian Traditional Outdoor Game

Hide and seek is one of the most popular childhood games of India. This traditional game is based on multiple skills such as running, tracking, hiding, observation, ability to stay silent. The game can be played between to players and more than two players. Mainly, in this game one person found to all members who are hidden. Mainly, in this game a person searches for hidden members.

Hide N Seek – Indian Traditional Outdoor Game:

2. Dog and Bone

Dog and Bone

Dog and the Bone is a most popular game among the kids which played between two teams in which 5-10 members per side. In this game, a players comes forward to pick object and want to back to his team. If he fails to do like this then he gets out. On the basis of total score winner has announced.

Dog and Bone:

3. Stapoo


Stapoo is a outdoor game which is also called as Hopscotch, Stapu and played in open playground. In this game a player through a small object into the boxes as made on the ground. Thereafter he jump through the boxes on one and two legs to pick the object.


4. Kancha-Marble


Kancha-Marble game is one of the popular game among kids which is still played in small town, rural areas of India. This game played with round glass marbles which main motive is collect marbles through shooting and striking other marbles. Kancha-Marble is a traditional outdoor game which is played with anyone. In India, many types of marble games are played.


5. Pitthu Garam

Pitthu Garam

Pitthu Garam is a popular outdoor game in India also known as Seven stones game and Lagori. Game played between two teams and any number of members. In this game, one member of team hit on 7 stone pile through a ball and run away while another members tries to restore the pile of stones. Interesting thing is that, if any member touches the ball, he will out immediately.

Pitthu Garam:

6. Lambs and Tigers

Lambs and Tigers

Lambs and Tigers is a two player leopard game which also known as Goats and Tigers name in Telugu, Aadu Puli Aatam in Tamil, Meka puli aata and Pulijudam. It is a strategy game which setup time is around 1 hour. The game is mostly played in South India in which one player controls three tigers and the other player controls up to fifteen lambs and tigers. In this game, tigers hunt the Goats while goats attempt to block the tiger’s movements. In short, the Lambs and Tigers is a most ancient game.

Lambs and Tigers:

7. Pachisi


Pachisi is a cross and circle board game known as the “National Game of India” which is originated in Medieval India. This game played on a symmetrical cross board and also known as Twenty-Five game. A player’s pieces move around the board based upon a throw of six or seven cowrie shells. It is a traditional game that requires strategy, tactics, counting and portability skills. Generally, Pachisi played between 2-4 players which continued around 30–60 minutes.




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