Mathura Holi List 2022

Mathura Holi List 2022

Here In this article, we are providing Mathura Holi List 2022. Like every other Radha-Krishna Leela, this too became a tradition and only a more colorful and wild Lathmar Holi. Also, the Holi celebrations of Mathura Vrindavan begin a week in advance and continue till the last day of the festivities. Let us know if you think any Holi celebration will be better than the place where it started.

Many Peoples from all over the world comes to Mathura to enjoy this Brij Ki Holi. It is on the ghats of Mathura – the place of birth of Krishna where Holi is celebrated in a wild, yet colorful and cordial manner. With sticks, shields, colors, and water cannons, the celebration of Holi in Vrindavan. here is a must experience. If you are up for an epic Holi this year, then here we are answering all the questions about Holi of Mathura Vrindavan, starting with what, where, when, why, and how.

Mathura Holi List 2022 

In this List, you can read the Holi list in Mathura 2022 Holi for this year in Mathura starts On 12th March 2022 in Sri Ji Temple Barsana. This List contains the Holi name, Date, and Place that will help you create your Holi Plan.

Sr.No Holi Date Place
1 Laddu Maar Holi 12th March 2022 Sri Ji Temple
2 Barsana Holi 13th March 2022 Barsana
3 Nandgaon Holi 14th March 2022 Nand Bhawan
4 Mathura Vrindavan Holi 15th March 2022 Rangbharni Holi
5 Dwarkadheesh Holi 15th March 2022 all over Mathura
6 Gokul Holi 16th March 2022 Raman Reti
7 Holika Dahan 18th March 2022 Mathura Vishram Ghat
8 Dhulendi 19th March 2022 Holi in Brij

This list Contains all Holi celebrations of Brij Mandal. We hope this list will help you to know about Holi in Mathura 2022



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