Most Corrupted Countries in the World List

Corruption is measured by Corruption Perception Index (CPI). CPI is an index which is published annually by Transparency International organization. This index includes 180 countries and territories around the world and ranks the country according to their public sector corruption. A country’s score can range from 0 to 100, where 0 indicates high level and 100 indicates low level of corruption.

Most Corrupted Countries in the World List

1. Venezuela


Nicolas Maduro is constantly violating the human rights and is responsible for theft and misusing billion dollars from Venezuelan people over many years. Venezuelan\’s infrastructure has begun to collapse under Maduro. Venezuelan\’s debt is exploding and the inflation is intensified despite having the world\’s largest oil reserves.

Venezuela: Score: 18/100

2. Burundi


Burundi is facing a widespread corruption which hampers the growth of country. The reports by Human Rights Watch have shown that the police and judiciary have the highest rates of bribery. Police accept bribes for arresting innocent people. According to annual Corruption Perception Index, the country slid from 22 score in 2017 to 17 score in 2018.

Burundi: Score: 17/100

3. Libya


Corruption began during Muammar Gaddafi\’s rule from 1969-2011. He received billions of dollars bribes to make various illegal deals. Estimated amount of 65 billion dollar was held in private accounts instead of going for public expenditures. Transparency International organization gives 17 score out of 100 and it ranked the country at 170th position in 2018. The corruption primarily derives from government, public sector and private businesses.


4. Afghanistan


Corruption is a continuing threat to the development of the country. Anti-corruption watchdog reported that the estimated amount of bribe paid by Afghans was 3 billion dollar in 2016. The amount of bribe collected was much higher then revenue collected by the Afghan government. The judicial branch is quite weak and regarded as corrupt. There were reports of “land grabbing” by private as well as public agencies during the year 2018.


5. Sudan


Corruption in Sudan is prevailing in every sector of Judicial system, police force, public services, land administration, tax administration, natural resources, civil society, legislation. Government officials ask for bribery even for the very basic needs they are legally entitled to. The international community perceives Sudan as extremely corrupt country where corruption permeates all levels of the society.

Sudan: Score: 16/100

6. Yemen


Yemen is the most corrupted and the poorest country in the gulf region and middle east respectively. Reports revealed that corrupted people have taken even donated food, medicines, money from the needy Yemenis throughout the country’s five year Civil War. Unqualified people are appointed in high profile and high paying jobs. Tranparency International organization has ranked the country 176th place out of 180 countries in 2018.


7. North Korea

North Korea

The people in North Korea are trapped in corruption and are constantly fighting for their daily needs. All people are involved in corruption as they are forced to do illegal acts only to survive. Human rights in the country are very much limited. freedom of expression, assembly, association and religion all are restricted.

North Korea: Score: 14/100

8. Syria


Bribery, Abuse of Power, Theft of Public Funds are the most common types of corruption in Syria. Rami Makhlouf, a Syrian businessman, is considered as the most powerful and wealthiest man in Syria. He controls 60% of Syria\’s economy and no foreign company can do business without his consent. He is designated as a beneficiary and facilitator of public corruption by the United States Department of Treasury in 2008.


9. South Sudan

South Sudan

Corruption is very much spread in South Sudan. Bribery is present in every sector of economy. The police is widely corrupt and ineffective. Common people face demands for bribe from government institutions to access even basic public services.

South Sudan: Score: 13/100

10. Somania


Somalia is the most corrupted country. It has been ranked bottom every year since 2006 by the Transparency International organization. Corruption occurs at all levels both in public and private sectors. The government is not able to provide even basic services to its citizens.

Somania: Score: 10/100


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