Most Profitable Small Scale Business Ideas in India List

If you are looking to run such a business which requires minimum investment, then you are at right path. Today everyone do not want to do job, so here you will see the ideas for most profitable small scale businesses in small towns and rural areas with a very low investment. Many successful businessmen and entrepreneurs in India started their business with low investment.

If you are confused to choose best profitable business to run, here we are listing best low const investment online and offline businesses for small town, so you can choose one idea from them.

Most Profitable Small Scale Business Ideas in India List

1. Agarbatti Manufacturing

Agarbatti Manufacturing

Agarbatti Manufacturing is a most profitable business in India. You can start this business with very low investment. It is used in homes as a fragrant fumigant and it also have a great market potential. Any individual person can start this business easily and earn lost of money. Agarbatti is used in 90 foreign countries. It requires low level of technology.

Agarbatti Manufacturing:

2. Tiffin Service

Tiffin Service

Tiffin Service is a best idea to start a new business. It requires no investment and technology. This is a most profitable business India for small town and rural people. The individual person can easily start this business. Businessman can provide free home deliveries in this business to increase their business.

Tiffin Service:

3. Tuition Centre

Tuition Centre

Tuition Centre is most effective business idea for small towns and rural areas of India. In India most of teachers given tuition classes at their homes. Individual person can easily start this business with investing any cost. This is a tension free business which provide more income.

Tuition Centre:

4. Fruit Juice Kiosk

Fruit Juice Kiosk

Fruit Juice Kiosk is good business small scale business. This business can be setup with very less investment. This is a long term investment business. You have to need juice machine, fruits and a shop to start this business. You can easily setup this business to earn more profit.

Fruit Juice Kiosk:

5. Blogging


Blogging is a online digital marketing business. This is a very simple and easy business to earn lots of money. You can start this business by investing a very less cost. You can do this business by sitting at home. In this business you need to invest money to purchase a domain and for hosting space. In this business you can earn unlimited money.


6. YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel

YouTube is a best platform for creative and talented people to earn money. You can create your channel on youtube for free. This is a great business that you can do from anywhere by uploading interesting, funny and informative videos. Many famous youtubers like Amit Bhadana, Lalit Shokeen, Elvish and Bhuvan Bam earn millions of money per month through their youtube channels.

YouTube Channel:

7. Wedding Consultants

Wedding Consultants

Wedding Consultants is a best business idea to earn lots money without invest any cost. In Indian wedding we have to follow many rituals and many processes, so every family want a top class decoration and best arrangements for their daughter’s marriage. It is only possible when we hire a best wedding planner. This is a best business and it has more scope in future. This business include booking hotel rooms, bridal make up, decoration, marriage hall, catering services, etc.

Wedding Consultants:

8. Yoga Studio

Yoga Studio

Yoga Studio is a profitable business in India. Now people are very aware about their health and fitness to maintain their health and fitness they join yoga studios and gyms. Yoga studios is a best option to start your new business. The earnings through yoga centre is depending on location. To open a yoga studio you have to choose a best place to make more clients. It is a most suitable idea for small towns.

Yoga Studio:

9. Dairy


Dairy is also a most profitable small scale business in India. In this business we can make products with milk like butter, lassi, buttermilk, ice cream and sale in market. This is a most effective business in India. The milk products are always in demand in market. In this business you can earn lots of money by selling milk products. To establish a dairy you need a shop and some money.




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