Most Spoken Languages in Europe List

Europe is a diverse and beautiful continent which is located in northern and eastern hemisphere. It is spread in 10,180,000 km2 area with a total population 741,447,158. In Europe more than 100 different languages are spoken. The younger European generation mostly use English language in their daily routine. There are 24 official languages spoken in Europe out of which English and French are most used languages.

Here we are going to create the list of most spoken languages in Europe. These facts and figures have been taken from reputed source over internet.

Most Spoken Languages in Europe List

1. English


English is a west Germanic language which is widely use in every country. This language was first spoken in England and now it become a global language. English language is commonly uses in Australia, America, New Zealand, Ireland and Canada. In Europe 33% people are uses English language. It is the third most spread language in the world.


2. German


German language is commonly spoken in Switzerland, Australia, Germany, Italy and Liechtenstein. German is a west Germanic language which is mainly use in Europe. 100 million people worldwide use this language. German is the second spoken language of European Union after English. In Europe 22.4% people use this language.


3. French


French is a official language of 5 different continents. In Europe 19.71% people use this language in their daily routine. It is the second largest learning language worldwide. French is a romance language for European families. This is the fourth widely spoken language of Europe.


4. Italian


Italian is an official language of Italy, Vatican City, San Marino, Western Istria and Switzerland. It is also known as musical language because of its use in musical terminology and opera. 14.31% European people use Italian language. This language is widely taught in many schools around the world.


5. Spanish


Spanish is an official language of 20 country which is originated in Castile region of Spain. It is the world’s seconds largest spoken language. Spanish is also called a Castilian language. In Europe more than 12.66% people spoken Italian language as native language.


6. Polish


Polish is West Slavic language spoken in Poland. It is an official language of Poland, but it is also use by Polish minorities in other countries. It is also the one of the official language of European Union. The Polish language has six oral vowels and two nasal vowels. It is closely related to Lower Sorbian, Slovak, Silesian, Kashubian, Czech and upper Sorbian.


7. Dutch


The Dutch word referred to Dutch people who speak this language. It is an official language of Netherlands and European Union. Dutch people commonly found in Aruba, United States, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Argentina and Brazil. The family languages of Dutch are Germanic language, Indo-European language and West Germanic language.


8. Romanian


Romanian is an East romance language spoken in Romania and Moldova. It is also one of the official language of European Union. In Europe 4.7% people speak this language. Romanian language also spoken in other countries like United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, France, Canada, Mexico, Brazil and Argentina.


9. Russian


Russian is an official language in Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus, Kazakhstan and European Union. This is a widely spoken language in Ukraine, Latvia and Moldova. The family languages of Russian are Balto-Slavic, Indo-European, East Slavic and Slavic. It is a largest spoken native language in Europe with 144 million speakers.


10. Czech


Czech is known as Bohemian language in 20th century. This language developed at the close of 1st millennium from common West Slavic. It is an official language of Czech Republic and European Union. Czech also the Recognised minority language in Croatia, Slovakia, Romania, Austria, Poland and Bosnia.


11. Hungarian


Hungarian is a very easy language to learn which is spoken in many countries such as Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Slovakia, Italy, Ukraine, Slovenia and Austria. It is a Finno-Ugric language. Hungarian is also an official language of Hungary and European Union. This is the largest spoken language in Europe with about 2.7% speakers.


12. Portuguese


Portuguese is a sixth most spoken language in the world. It is an official language in many countries such as Portugal, Guinea-Bissau, Cape Verde, Brazil, Angola, Mozambique and European Union. Portuguese is a romance language spoken by 2.61% European people. Some English words also come from Portuguese for example tank, cacao, marmalade, mosquito, cobra, breeze etc.


13. Greek


Greek is an Indo-European language that is primarily spoken in Greece and Cyprus. This language also holds an import history of Western world. The history of this language is divided into three parts modern Greek, ancient Greek and medieval Greek. Greek is also a recognised minority language in Italy, Turkey, Ukraine, Albania, Romania and Armania.


14. Swedish


Swedish is a North Germanic language natively spoken by 9.6 million people in Sweden and Finland. It is also an co-official language of European Union. The family languages of Swedish are Germanic, North Germanic, Indo-European and East Scandinavian.




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