List of Richest Hindu Businessman in Pakistan

There are many Hindu personalities belongs to Pakistan who known as Successful businessman and earned a good reputation due to their work. Here, a list has given below about some such as figures who are known as richest Hindu from Pakistan. People who are interested to know about such as people, they need to stuck on this article.
So, get ready to meet with such as Businessman.

Richest Hindu Businessman in Pakistan List

1. Sangeeta


Sangeeta also known as Parveen Rizvi who is a Hindu-Pakistani actress born is Karachi, Pakistan. She is also a Film director, working since 1969. She honoured with a several awards such as Nigar Award (1998 Nikah, 1978 Mutthi Bhar Chawal), Best Director, Special Award and Best Supporting Actress (1971 Yeh Aman, Naam Mera Badnaam 1984) for their performance.

Sangeeta: Pakistani Hindu Film Actress

2. Rana Chandra Singh

Rana Chandra Singh

Rana Chandra Singh, is oen of the famous Hindu politician from Umarkot, Sindh Pakistan who elected as Member of National Assembly seven times on the ticket of Pakistan. He also served as federal minister for labor and also listed in the list of richest Hindu in Pakistan. He was died on 1 August 2009 in Karachi Pakistan.

Rana Chandra Singh: Pakistani Hindu Politician

3. Reeta Ishwar

Reeta Ishwar

Reeta Ishwar is a Hindu-Pakistani politician, also a member of the National Assembly of Pakistan since June, 2013. She was a part of Pakistan Muslim League (F) political party, known as richest female politician from Pakistan. She was born on 16 March 1981 in Karachi Pakistan. She joined Member of the National Assembly of Pakistan on 1 June 2013.

Reeta Ishwar: Pakistani Hindu Politician

4. Deepak Perwani

Deepak Perwani

Deepak Perwani is a Pakistani fashion designer and also known as an Actor, occasionally appears in dramas (like mery pas pas). He is a member of the Hindu Sindhi community in Pakistan and also listed in the list of Richest Businessman from Pakistan. He was born on 1973 in Mirpur Khas, Pakistan and honoured with many awards such as Lux Style Award for Achievement in Fashion Design – Pret, Lux Style Award for Best Menswear Designer.

Deepak Perwani: Pakistani Hindu Fashion Designer

5. Satish Anand

Satish Anand

Satish Anand is a successful Hindu businessman from Pakistan who is son of film producer Satish Anand. He is a richest man from Pakistan owned of Eveready Group of Companies. He earned a good reputation across Pakistan and listed in the list of most successful Hindu businessman from Pakistan who also known as a millionaire.

Satish Anand: Pakistani Hindu Businessman

6. Naveen Perwani

Naveen Perwani

Naveen Perwani is a Pakistani amateur snooker player who was born on 23 October 1971 in India. He is one of the Hindu snooker who represents Pakistan. He won two time Bronze medal in Asian games. Perwani was also a part of Quarter final of 2006 IBSF World Championships in Amman, Jordan. IN his playing carrier she won many achievements and Championships.

Naveen Perwani: Pakistani Hindu Snooker Player

7. Shripal Shah

Shripal Shah

Shripal shah is the richest man in pakistan. He has around 2 lakh crore rupees net worth. He is the number 1 richest hindu in pakistan.

Shripal Shah: Pakistani Businessman

8. J.C. Anand

J.C. Anand

J.C. Anand was a film producer and distributor from Pakistan and also known as a richest Hindu in Pakistan. He was born on 1922 and died on 1977. He was founded one of the largest distributors within the country, known for a number of films such as “Sassi (1954) (first golden jubilee film of Pakistan”, Heer (1955), Miss 56 and Ishq-e-Laila (1957).

J.C. Anand: Pakistani Hindu Film Producer



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