Traditional Musician from Iran List

A person who plays a musical Instrument and musically talented who called as Musician. Moreover, any person who composes, conducts, or performs music, known as as a musician. A Musicians can specialize in any musical style, and some musicians play in a variety of different styles depending on cultures and background. There are multiple categories of Musicians such as Classical, Pop, Rock/Metal, Electronic, RAP/Hip Hop, etc.

Iran also known as Persia which capital is Tehran. Here we are going to create a list about List of Traditional Musician from Iran as you can see in the below.

Traditional Musician from Iran List

1. Homayoun Shajarian

Homayoun Shajarian

Homayoun Shajarian is known as Persian classical music and Persian classical crossover vocalist, and a Tombak player. He was born on May 21, 1975 at Tehran, Iran. He start his carrier from 1991. He sung Hava-ye Geryeh song which is one of the most famous songs of his carrier. More details you can check through click at view more button.

Homayoun Shajarian: Iranian Vocalist

2. Mohammad-Reza Shajarian

Mohammad-Reza Shajarian

Mohammad-Reza Shajarian also known as professional Musician and also known as Singer-songwriter, Composer, Calligrapher. Who was born on September 23, 1940 at Mashhad, Iran. He start his carrier from 1959 and his children are Farzaneh, Afsaneh, Mojgan, Homayoun, Rayan. More details you can check through click at view more button.

Mohammad-Reza Shajarian:

3. Shahram Nazeri

Shahram Nazeri

Shahram Nazeri is a professional musician which also known as Singer, Composer. He is specialized in Setar instruments and start his carrier from 1958. He was born on February 18, 1950 in a Kurdish family, he was the first vocalist to set Rumi’s poetry to Persian music thirty-five years ago. To get more details you can click at view more button.

Shahram Nazeri: Iranian Tenor

4. Delkash


Delkash full name is Esmat Bagherpour also known as Delkash. She was known as professional former musician who died on September 1, 2004. She is also known as singer, actress. She also played a role as singer and actress. To know more details you can click at view more button.

Delkash: Iranian Singer

5. Kayhan Kalhor

Kayhan Kalhor

Kayhan Kalhor basically known as a music composer who is also available on Youtube, Gaana, Wynk. He is master of classical Kurdish and Iranian traditional music. He worked for a various movies like A Respectable Family, Lantouri, Rhino Season, Crossroads, Mardan, Taboor, Black Horse Memories, Namo. He was born on 24 November 1963 at Tehran, Iran and start his carrier from 1973.

Kayhan Kalhor: Iranian Musician

6. Homeyra


Homeyra is an Iranian singer who is also known as Parvaneh Amir-Afshari. She is also available on Youtube, Gaana, Saavn and connected with Avang Music, Caltex Records, Taraneh Records labels. In 2007 she got marry with Parviz Yahaghi. She was born on March 17, 1945 Tehran , Iran who start her singing carrier from 1966 and gained popularity.

Homeyra: Iranian Singer

7. Maryam Akhondy

Maryam Akhondy

Maryam Akhondy is known as a classical trained singer who is also available on Youtube and Gaana. Her journey was started from Ostad Esmail Mehrtasch and Ostad Nassrollah Nassehpour. She gained popularity from popular album Songs Of Persian Women, Sarmast. Moreover, she also sung many popular song like Golmamad, Eschgh, Ischalleg, etc. Maryam Akhondy was born on 1957 at Tehran, Iran. Currently she connected with Laika Records, LAIKA music studio.

Maryam Akhondy: Iranian Singer

8. Azam Ali

Azam Ali

Azam Ali is basically known as an Iranian singer and musician who gained popularity from her eight full-length albums which has released in 2013 with the bands VAS and Niyaz. As well as that time she has also released four full-length solo albums. Azam Ali was born on 3 October 1970 at Tehran, Iran whose full name is Azam Aliafgerad. She also done a movie as Rollerball and start her career from Niyaz, Vas, Roseland ((1996 – 2004). Her song is also available on Youtube, Gaana, Saavn.

Azam Ali: Iranian Singer

9. Googoosh


Googoosh is known as great Iranian singer who was born on 5 May 1950 at Tehran. She got married with Masoud Kimiai in 1991. She successfully worked for many albums like Mordab, Dar emtedad shab, Jadeh, Do Maahi. As well as, she also sung for many movies like Hamsafar, Mamal Amricaryi, Dar Emtedad-eShab. Her song is also available on Youtube and Gaana.

Googoosh: Iranian Singer

10. Leila Forouhar

Leila Forouhar

Leila Forouhar is an Iranian singer who is specialized Iranian pop and classical. She is one of the most successful singer in Iranian society. She got marry with Essi Nabi in 2004 and worked for many movies like King of the Hearts, Youth Affair, Morad and Laleh, etc. Her most popular albums are My Moon, Makhmal-e Naz, A Kiss, From My Heart, etc.

Leila Forouhar: Iranian Singer



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