Ultra Prism Card List

Ultra Prism Card List

Here in this article, we are providing you Ultra Prism Card List. A list of all the cards which build up the Ultra Prism set which contain a total of 173 cards comprising 10x Pokémon-GX cards, 6 of the new Prism Star cards as fine as a profusion of Pokemon from both the Alola and Sinnoh regions. This list is how this set is being received in all countries apart from Japan where they in its place have two minor sets; The Pokemon Ultra Sun & Pokemon Ultra Moon sets. We’ll be adding up good quality pics of each card just once we get them.

Ultra Prism Card List Detailed Overview

Here we are providing you Ultra Prism Card List. You can check the Rarity, The Card name, and also the card type you can check easily.

No. Rarity Card name Card type
1/66 Rarity C Yanma Grass
/66 Rarity C Yanmega Grass
3/66 Rarity C Roselia Grass
4/66 Rarity U Roserade Grass
5/66 Rarity C Turtwig Grass
6/66 Rarity C Turtwig Grass
7/66 Rarity C Grotle Grass
8/66 Rarity R Torterra Grass
9/66 Rarity C Cherubi Grass
10/66 Rarity U Cherrim Grass
11/66 Rarity C Carnivine Grass
12/66 Rarity RR Leafeon Grass
13/66 Rarity U Mow Rotom Grass
14/66 Rarity R Shaymin Grass
15/66 Rarity C Magmar Fire
16/66 Rarity R Magmortar Fire
17/66 Rarity C Chimchar Fire
18/66 Rarity C Chimchar Fire
19/66 Rarity C Monferno Fire
20/66 Rarity R Infernape Fire
21/66 Rarity U Heat Rotom Fire
22/66 Rarity C Salandit Fire
23/66 Rarity U Salazzle Fire
24/66 Rarity C Turtonator Fire
25/66 Rarity C Murkow Dark
26/66 Rarity U Honchkrow Dark
27/66 Rarity C Sneasel Dark
28/66 Rarity R Weavile Dark
29/66 Rarity C Stunky Dark
30/66 Rarity C Skuntank Dark
31/66 Rarity PR Darkrai Dark
32/66 Rarity C Alolan Diglett Steel
33/66 Rarity C Alolan Dugtrio Steel
34/66 Rarity C Magnemite Steel
35/66 Rarity C Magnemite Steel
36/66 Rarity C Magneton Steel
37/66 Rarity R Magnezone Steel
38/66 Rarity U Shieldon Steel
39/66 Rarity R Bastiodon Steel
40/66 Rarity C Bronzor Steel
41/66 Rarity U Bronzong Steel
42/66 Rarity R Heatran Steel
43/66 Rarity PR Solgaleo Steel
44/66 Rarity RR Dusk Mane Necrozma Steel
45/66 Rarity RR Dialga Dragon
46/66 Rarity C Lickitung  Colorless
47/66 Rarity U Lickilicky  Colorless
48/66 Rarity C Eevee  Colorless
49/66 Rarity C Glameow  Colorless
50/66 Rarity C Purugly  Colorless
51/66 Rarity U Fan Rotom  Colorless
52/66 Rarity C Oranguru  Colorless
53/66 Rarity U Potion  Item
54/66 Rarity C Pal Pad  Item
55/66 Rarity C Unidentified Fossil  Item
56/66 Rarity U Nest Ball  Item
57/66 Rarity U Pokemon Catcher  Item
58/66 Rarity C Missing Clover  Item
59/66 Rarity PR Cyrus  Supporter
60/66 Rarity U Gardenia  Supporter
61/66 Rarity U Pokemon Fan Club  Supporter
62/66 Rarity U Mars  Supporter
63/66 Rarity U Lillie  Supporter
64/66 Rarity U Mt. Coronet  Stadium
65/66 Rarity U Double Colorless Energy  Energy
66/66 Rarity U Unit Energy GFW  Energy
67/66 Rarity SR Leafeon Grass
68/66 Rarity SR Dusk Mane Necrozma Steel
69/66 Rarity SR Dialga Dragon
70/66 Rarity SR Gardenia Supporter
71/66 Rarity SR Pokemon Fan Club Supporter
72/66 Rarity SR Mars Supporter
73/66 Rarity HR Leafeon Grass
74/66 Rarity HR Dusk Mane Necrozma Steel
75/66 Rarity HR Dialga Dragon
76/66 Rarity UR Peeking Red Card  Item
77/66 Rarity UR Missing Clover  Item
78/66 Rarity UR Unit Energy GFW   Energy

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