Most Beautiful Cities in Poland List

Every year Poland has become the favorite tourist destination for the visitors. There are number of beautiful cities in Poland. Poland offers a range of beaches, national parks and attractive places. Poland provides great vocational choice like:14 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in different cities, medieval castles, war museums, brilliant natural beauty from the mountains.
Here we are presenting a wide range of cities for tourist destination in Poland including beaches, museum and naturally beautiful places.

Most Beautiful Cities in Poland List

1. Krakow


Krakow is the beautiful city of Poland which is the second largest and oldest city in Poland. It is situated on the Vistula River. The city is located in 326.8 square kilometer. It is in the European UNESCO region.


2. Warsaw


Warsaw is the biggest as well as capital of Poland. It is located in the center of Poland that can easily access by the train and buses. It is the best city to enjoy in restaurants, nightlife, parks and history. The total area of this city is 517.24 square kilometer.


3. Wroclaw


Wroclaw is the most beautiful city of Poland also it is more affordable than Krakow. It consist beautiful old town that shows the ancient beauty of Poland. It covers 292 square kilometer area of the Poland.


4. Zakopane


Zakopane is most famous city having famous ski resort town in Poland. It have a huge number of tourist attraction and winter sports.If you are interested in natural beauty like mountains and forest Zakopane is the best place for you.


5. Torun


Torun is the oldest city of Poland. If you like history, architecture and pleasant walks then Torun is the best placefor visiting. Torun is easily accessible by train, bus and car. In 1997, It is listed in UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites.


6. Gdansk


Gdansk is the large economic center of Poland’s Sea coast. It is the beautiful city consist historical buildings in the style of Renaissance-Baroque and Dutch Mannerism. It cover 262 square kilometer area of the Poland having 463754 population in the city.


7. Gdynia


Gdynia is the city of Poland having relaxed atmosphere. It is affordable spot that is very busy in summer months. It have a rich variety of tourist attraction. It is also ranked as the best city for live in 2013. It have the Polish Naval Academy and university, so noted for access to education.


8. Lublin


Lublin comes in the range of most beautiful city in Poland. This city represent the actual Poland. It is the largest polish city situated on Vistula River. It covers 147 sq. kilometer area of Poland.


9. Katowice


Katowice is the city of Poland having population 2.2 million. It is the best place for the tourist attraction having Silesian Insurgents Monument, Silesian Parliament, St Mary’s Church, Cathedral of Christ the King and Silesian Theater.


10. Bialystok


Bialystok is the big city situated near to Podlaskie, Poland. It is the best city for the tourist attraction consisting Performing arts, Museums, Parks and green spaces and Architecture like Town hall, Catholic Cathedral, St. Roch Church, St. Adalbert Church and Orthodox Cathedral.




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