List of Weird Facts About Ancient China

China is a advance country in all the field like science and technology, astronomy and maths. Ancient China was the land of invention, these inventions are paper, the magnetic compass, printing, tea porcelain, silk and gunpowder, among other things.
Here is the list presenting some weird inventions and facts about China for the better knowledge of history.

Weird Facts About Ancient China List

1. Movable Type Printing

Movable Type Printing

Bi Sheng invented movable type printing. It was the fast version of printing . Before Movable Type Printing, Woodblock printing used but this technique of printing was expensive and time consuming. In Movable Type Printing Bi Sheng first carved individual characters on pieces of clay then harden them by the help of fire. In ancient time this kind of printing used all around the world.

Movable Type Printing:

2. Chinese People live in Caves (about 15 million )

Chinese People live in Caves (about 15 million )

In the ancient time Caves used to live but in this time if anybody lives in cave then it feel very weird to listen. But there is weird fact comes from China that more than 15 million people still live in caves. The current leader (Xi Jinping) of China once lived in a cave too

Chinese People live in Caves (about 15 million ):

3. Kites


Kites were invented in China, It was developed in china around 3000 years ago. In the ancient time kites were made of wood. In ancient time it is used for sending message and used by the military for measuring distances, testing the wind and signalling. Over the time kites became the plaything and currently using for fun.


4. Crossbow (Chinese Invention)

Crossbow (Chinese Invention)

The Crossbow is a Chinese invention in the 5th century. It used in the china for the hunting animal and self defense in the ancient time. But it became popular in European warfare. They also invented the repeating crossbow which is capable of firing 10 bolts in 15 seconds

Crossbow (Chinese Invention):

5. Urine Eggs

Urine Eggs

In China from the ancient time using urine eggs to eat. According to them if they ate these eggs the diseases of pain in joint would not affected them. In the ancient time Chinese collected the virgin urine and boiled the eggs in it and ate them. Chinese are still enjoyed Urine Eggs in Eastern China.

Urine Eggs:

6. Invented Booze

Invented Booze

If you have ever enjoy the weekend with the cold, then you have to thanks the China for inventing booze. Sumerians was the first who drunk alcohol. In fact some archaeologist think that the first crop Chines grew were used for alcohol rather than food. They think getting drunk was more important than eating.

Invented Booze:

7. Human Sacrifice

Human Sacrifice

China had an ancient tradition of human sacrifice. It started 4000 year ago during the Shang Dynsty. The human sacrificed in China till 1600s. Chines believed that it was a way to bless new buildings. The archaeologists discovered a wall made of skulls of 80 woman in 2013. Who had been sacrificed to celebrate the construction of a New City.

Human Sacrifice:

8. Silk Invention by China

Silk Invention by China

Silk is the invention of China. It was discovered in 2696 BC. It was discovered in the time of Yellow Emperor when his wife having tea in Imperial garden, a silkworm cocoon fell into her cup and she felt that cocoon was made of soft and strong thread and they soon became its a biggest exports.

Silk Invention by China:



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